Wednesday, 14 April 2021
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"Bliss!!" Education Welfare Officer


"OSM is an excellent idea for all employers to put in place." Duty Manager


"I have had a number of alternative treatments.Some have been good but this is by far the best and for me it is always down to who delivers it. The therapist has time to understand needs and the person and gives great advice to help between treatments." Principal Education Welfare Officer


"OSM is a brilliant way to reduce stress levels encountered in the working environment. I have benefited greatly from the sessions that I have attended in being more focused and most definitely relaxed after each session. I would however like to see the duration of the session increased to 30 minutes." Education Welfare Officer


"It is the best perk about this job and it is the only thing that my employer does that makes me feel valued. The service provided is excellent. The service should be available to more employees more regularly."  Social Worker


"I have found each massage session very helpful in relieving all the stress, tension and back pain that I suffer from. The therapist is always courteous and gives excellent massage each time. Very professional in his approach to the staff." Executive Officer


"I personally believe that OSM is an excellent idea for all employers to put in place. The therapist  has always been a professional and friendly person with a big smile. Excellent work!"  System Support Officer


"OSM is an excellent method to reduce employees' stress and tension levels. As our roles entail spending a considerable amount of time at our workstation, a regular massage helps with many of the aches and pains. The therapist offers additional advice and tips on stretching and posture, which leads to a more comfortable work place. Increasing the frequency of the massage would be the only request I make." Education Welfare Officer


"I suffer from pains in my right arm from all the work I do on the computer. A massage really helps with this." Duty Manager


"The therapist is a brilliant professional who gives useful advice and always treats each one of us with consideration. He always remembers each client even if weeks have passed. The massage is something we all look forward to." Education Welfare Officer


"It helped to relieve the tension in my neck. Good advice is offered. Overall, a good experience." Receptionist

"The massage sessions are very useful and I feel rejuvenated afterwards. The advice the therapist gives is very good and has enabled me to make changes that lessen my stress levels." Education  Welfare Officer


"The service is great. The therapist always asks if there is a particular area of the body that needs more work on. It is a great service for tired/stressed members of staff." PA to Service Manager


"Sessions are excellent and the knowledge of the practitioner is outstanding." Education Welfare Officer


"The service is always delivered in a helpful professional polite friendly non-intrusive manner, with appropriate advice given. It would be beneficial if the service could be provided fortnightly and for a longer period of time, thus enabling more social workers to benefit from the massage." Senior Practitioner


"My personal and professional life is highly  stressful, so on-site massage is something that I always look forward to. I have also been offered advice on ways to sustain a relaxed posture to ease back problems." Education Welfare Officer


"I have found that by having the massage, I have felt very relaxed and found pressures at work easier to handle. The massage helped me with my back, as it used to hurt me whilst bending down."  System Support Officer